The Dark Tower Play as wizards with friends and family anywhere in the world in this online escape game!

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2 - 7

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Online Room - GM Led Illustrations, Online Room - Browser based, Online Room - Creative Other


USD 16.00 Initial Cost
1 Initial number of people included
USD 16.00 Cost per additional person


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Sunday 24 Hours
& By Appointment
Monday 24 Hours
& By Appointment
Tuesday 24 Hours
& By Appointment
Wednesday 24 Hours
& By Appointment
Thursday 24 Hours
& By Appointment
Friday 24 Hours
& By Appointment
Saturday 24 Hours
& By Appointment
Timezone US/Pacific
Available languages English


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About roomYou and your group of fellow wizards must stop a dark sorcerer from completing his foul ritual in an hour's time, dooming the land of Seradel. Choose a school of magic with your friends to embark on an adventure. Gather new spells, overcome magical creatures, and battle a dark wizard before it's too late. The Dark Tower blends traditional escape room puzzling with interactive theatrical elements in an online format. After booking a private game, players meet over Zoom with a game facilitator who runs their adventure, acting as different characters while displaying puzzles on their screen. Alongside using their logical skills to solve puzzles, players use their creative instincts to navigate interactions with characters. This virtual experience allows for limitless creative choices that can change the course of your adventure. This game can be booked at different difficulty levels, changing the puzzles and interactive moments in the game. Four different difficulty levels are available, including an "Expert" level for escape room enthusiasts and a "Kids-Beginner" level for those playing with younger kids. Customization options, great for birthdays and special events, are also available!


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