The goal and purpose of Escape Connection is simple – to make it easier to find and promote escape rooms. We felt the process of searching for rooms was tedious, time consuming, and could benefit from a centralized source specifically dedicated to finding the best rooms for your needs. The core of our site is a multifaceted search system that allows you to filter rooms according to the most common criteria. By allowing you to filter by specific escape room criteria you can drastically reduce your time spent searching while also significantly improving the quality of the results for your specific search. Escape Connection is meant to be a feature rich site that will grow to fit the market’s needs. This site is fully functional and completed, but it is not finished. We plan to continue to add functionality over time to enhance the experience, so if you have any requests or comments please let us know your thoughts.

In Person Rooms

The core functionality for finding in person rooms more easily is map based searching. When searching for an in-person room you can select your specific criteria and either search from your current location or enter an address. Applicable rooms will be displayed on a map so you can see where the rooms are in relation to your searched address as well as get directions if needed.

Online Rooms

Many escape room businesses transitioned to online offerings to mitigate shutdowns and restrictions during the pandemic; as well as to increase their offering to a larger audience. Online escape experiences vary dramatically, and are not nearly as standardized as in person rooms, which proved challenging when attempting to classify experiences into a limited number of easily recognizable categories. By combining room types with tags you should be able to find the types of rooms that fit your needs. We also included ways to search for rooms in specific languages, with specific device counts, and by how the rooms are charged. All foreign rooms are automatically converted to your selected currency type to prevent cost confusion. Please pay careful attention to time zone issues when booking any online rooms. By setting your time zone in your user panel you can view how much a business’s time zone differs from your own.


We included additional functionality to make it easier to view your escape room history and save rooms for future experiences. We built a system for you to save your completed rooms, browse your past reviews, and save rooms to your own personal wish-list and favorites. To make searching for new rooms easier your completed escape rooms will be removed from the search results, so you only see new rooms you have yet to do.


Escape Connection is a fantastic way to market your business to prospective escape room players. Only enthusiasts and people interested in escape rooms will use the site, so all traffic is highly targeted to your ideal customers. It is also 100% completely free to add your business. You will get dedicated pages for your business, for your business locations, and for all your escape room experiences. All with links to your website. The only thing we ask is that you provide accurate information and change your details to keep it up to date to preserve the site experience for everyone. Pro tip for business owners: if you use a promo code specific to this site you can track how many people found you through our site as well as appear in searches for people specifically looking for discounts.


None. The site is 100% free to players and to owners, and always will be. This site was built by the web development and marketing agency Geniuses For Hire as a proof of concept for enterprise level websites, large complex development, and escape room websites and marketing. We started this site during a time when many business owners were struggling; we hope to make it a little easier to run an escape room business and help more people stay in business and grow the industry. The costs of building and maintaining a site like this at a commercial level are unfortunately substantial, so if the market calls for it, we may later give owners a way to promote their businesses or we may even create booking software specifically for escape room businesses. But no matter what – we promise that using this site both as a player and as an owner will be 100% free forever and if we ever do sell something it will be optional, intended to help the industry, and not affect the integrity or usability of the site in any way.

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